KGF’s Yash will play Lord Hanuman in Jai Hanuman.

KGF’s Yash will play Lord Hanuman in Jai Hanuman: With HanuMan’s movie box office office success, the sequel Jai Hanuman has recently received a tenfold increase in budget. With a larger budget comes additional attractions that director Prasanth Varma could not afford in HanuMan.

KGF’s Yash will play Lord Hanuman in Jai Hanuman.

As previously reported, Ram Charan Teja is auditioning for the part of Lord Rama. We now have word from a very reputable source that ‘Rocking Star’ Yash of KGF fame is the top choice to play Lord Hanuman.

A source close to director Prasanth Varma contacted to say, “There is some uncertainty in the Mumbai press over the casting of Bajrangbali Hanuman. First and foremost, Teja Sajja played Hanumanth in HanuMan and will reprise the role in the sequel Jai Hanuman. Second, Lord Hanuman will have a big role in the sequel. And certainly, Yash is a solid candidate for the role. He was never considered for the original film. This is a fake notion spreading through the Mumbai media. However, he is most likely to portray Lord Hanuman in the sequel. Teja Sajja isn’t portraying Lord Hanuman. “He is playing Hanumanji’s bhakt Hanumanth.”


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